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"Thank you so much for helping me to register on USAJobs and taking me on a walkthrough of the site. I learned so much this morning that I am certain my job search will be much improved. took me through that process, made it simple, and helped me set up a very tight, useable password. Next, you told me about the the difference between building and uploading a resume, and sent me the correct resume format to use. Then, you showed me how to search for jobs and gave me some really great advice - "Don't limit yourself. When it comes to working for the federal government, apply to every job for which you qualify, even those you might not have originally thought about, because the object is to get a job with the government. You can always move to another job later." You showed me how to look at every job for which I might qualify that comes up on a job search, not just those with titles that match my job experience; to next check the qualifications for each specific job and see if I qualify; and finally to save those jobs so that I could go back to them later and apply for them when I am ready. Next, you helped me set up a search agent so that I could be notified daily of any new jobs that are listed. And finally, you told me to contact you if I needed any help.

You're a great guide. I am excited about applying for jobs with USAJobs, and will use it extensively in the future."

"Thanks so much for your help the other day. I am really confident that I can apply for a federal job now that I know how to use the site. I told my friend about what we did and she is really excited about it..."

"Dear Debbie,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email of thanks for all the help you've given me over the past two weeks on accessing the USAjobs website. Like many people in the United States right now, I'm in the process of changing careers. The you've helped open a whole new world of challenging and interesting jobs. I have often considered looking into government work, both locally and nationally, but have never really had the key to that kingdom. Until now.

The USAjobs site is incredibly helpful, if a bit daunting. It was wonderful speaking with you, and you were of great help in deciphering the sometimes esoteric language of that site. I am fully aware of the power and ease of online job searching, but it's an amazing and necessary experience to speak with an actual person who has skills in translating the data into actionable information.

I also very much appreciate your enthusiasm, which seems to be in short supply these days. You assured me there were jobs in the government that could use my particular skill sets, and you helped me cull through the thousands of inappropriate jobs to find the few that might be matches. More importantly, I now have the ability to do that myself on a weekly - or even daily - basis.

I enjoyed working for the U.S. Census Bureau on the 2010 count. This service you are providing is an amazing benefit from doing that work.

You mentioned the possibility of opening up this service to people who didn't work for the census, but are great candidates looking for work in the government. I sincerely hope you're able to do so. I have friends and colleagues I would recommend to this service, people I feel would be a real asset to any employer, but who may never consider working for the federal government.

Once again, thank you!

Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Best regards,

Thank so much for email me and thinking about my employment situation. I have some great news. Last year shortly after taking your class I got hired by Intel, the computer chip company. They started me off at 64K with bonus, stock options, and health benefits. The key thing that got me the job was going to Career fairs at my university. Thank you so much for all your help.
Looking forward in working with you Debbie.

Warmest regards,